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Welcome to Righteous Corner Production website, we appreciate your time for stopping at this site and hope you receive a blessing that you can take away with you.
We pray that we can encourage you musically and uplift your spiritual life through gospel music. God has given us the ability to sing dance and make music so we can give him all the praise through song for he is worthy to be praised. Let us praise his name in song: let us praise his name in dance: let us praise his name with music.

Buckle Your Seatbeats ….. It Is Time To Take Off!

Righteous Corner Productions Presents the TOUR RIDDIM #UKEdition!

It is inevitable that something awesome will be birthed when you put producers, DJs and some of the UK finest artists together in one studio!

The TOUR RIDDIM #UKEdition is the first part of the dual project produced by Righteous Corner Productions (RCP) featuring seasoned artist like Spanna (Birmingham) to St. Andrew (London), one of the freshest artist to the scene.

RCP founders Howard Buckley and Tony Thompson have over 15 years’ experience in the industry; and have worked with renowned artists Chevelle Franklyn, Carlene Davis, Junior Tucker, Jermaine Edwards, Kevin Downswell, Sherwin Gardner and Positive to name but a few.

In 2014 the RCP team produced “Selah”by Troy Anthony out of Bermuda. At the end of year they had identified that the UK Gospel Reggae scene had been quiet in comparison to the world wind effect of 2013.

RCP opened the doors to their studio and invited a range of individuals who are active in the scene to fellowship, share ideas and discuss how Gospel Reggae could be reignited.

The invite was taken up by many and as a result the TOUR RIDDIM #UKEdition came to life. Featuring Lytie, Joshua Kesler, Gyamma, Denis McClean, Junior Dan, Shadrach, Spanna, Richie Dan, Marky T, St Andrew, Rudolph Graham, Iris and TTM Collective – this 12-track album captures all the style, flare and uniqueness of each artist while embodying the joint vision of passion and unity.

The TOUR RIDDIM #UKEdition will be available on all digital stores soon!

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