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My name is Shadrach I am one of 6 children 2 Boys and 3 girls, born to Jamaican parents. I was a pupil at Stockwell Park secondary school where my main interests were in music classes. I specialised in steal pans and drums and often got to perform these instruments at other venues. I have always had a passion for music, and started to MC from the age of 15 on all the local sound systems like coxone and many others.

I rapidly gained a reputation and started appearing on stage shows with famous artists such as Buju Banton, Tony Rebel, Wayne Wonder, Gabrielle and more recently Stichie.

I grew up in the heart of Brixton, where you needed to have a so called ‘rude boy attitude’ just to fit in. My lifestyle was causing a lot of distress to my family, as they did not raise me in this manner, my mother always feared for my life and thought every time I left the house this might be the last time she would see me.

Gradually I found myself in the company of many notorious gangsters and villains, and because of this I found myself in life or death situations. One by one my friends were killed in gang wars, and as the saying goes and is so true I’m here but by the Grace of God! Every time I left my house I came across some one telling me ‘Jesus Loves you’ even if I was in a large group of people they seemed to single me out to give me that message.
One day I was walking through my neighbourhood and heard some lively music and thought I’d have a closer look, it turned out to be a gospel outreach and before I left a man named Alex lead me in the sinners prayer. I’m pleased to say I’ve never looked back since, old things have truly past away and now I’m a happily married man with three beautiful children.

I released an album in 2004 called Ashes to Ashes, many people have said this album is ‘radical’ and I believe that God wants me to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ through this ministry, in an uncompromising truthful manner. It took roughly 2years to complete this album, and the producer, who was not a Christian at the time, subsequently gave his life to Jesus Christ and his life is now one of many great testimonies of the power of God working through gospel music.

In 2005 I won the best newcomer award at the American Urban Gospel Alliance awards which shows me that this ministry God has appointed for me has reached people on a global scale. I also have a song called Born Again which can be found on The New Sounds Of Gospel compilation album put together by Sony BMG and Integrity Music which features artists such as Fred Hammond, Kirk Frankling, Deitrick Haddon & many more leading artists from the USA. To have the only dancehall gospel song on a album with such great gospel artists is a huge honour and I give God all the glory.

Working on a new album with Righteous Corner Productions, I believe God has a lot more in store before shadrachs fire cools down!!!!

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